Listing on Uniswap, Liquidity Campaign, Token Swap & Much More!

Webcoin will provide up to 120,000,000 WEB reward pool to liquidity providers in Uniswap!

The Token Swap

Since the launch of our Webcoin(WEB) token in September, 2017, we have come along way. Thanks to the development of the blockchain technology over the past 3 years, we have done extended research seeking the best possible ways on how to improve our project and platform. Due to the new emerging DeFi(Decentralized Finance) platforms and the growing decentralized exchanges wave, we feel that our community deserves to be part of it and participate properly through our WEB token. This is why we have decided to replace our smart contract and increase the supply of WEB from 70 million to 1 billion.

The old smart contract address: 0x840fe75abfadc0f2d54037829571b2782e919ce4

The new smart contract address: 0xf344490abd414dafa97f34c8ca501b0aa5bf8873


Wallets Allocation:

  • 0x47787d97a4e492160ef2af2012e42919f6eee217: 600,000,000 WEB / Social Mining
  • 0x4c38ade3a2fa220915ba2262abd73c0e3be3e1f3: 120,000,000 WEB / Trading Rewards
  • 0x090d804d1fba8e23fca634372f2dd896b8b7df15: 120,000,000 WEB/ Development
  • 0x728b5c06f9bda85996f6f1a713035aa9a32f7721: 74,575,492.5 WEB/ Marketing
  • 0x50C2B58Bdd4061c39Bdf3d851e70f21699b388aB: 30,000,000 WEB / Team

What do you need to do for the swap

If you have your WEB tokens on an exchange, please make sure to withdraw them before Dec 07, 2020 when we will make a snapshot of the token holder addresses. Dec 08, 2020 we will start sending the new WEB tokens to the token holders. For those who haven’t withdrawn their tokens from the exchanges, don’t worry. You can continue to trade the old WEB tokens on the exchanges Webcoin is currently listed on. The token swap will be 1:1 ratio.


The Uniswap Listing!

Wohoo! The new smart contract is already listed on Uniswap with WEB/ETH pair:

Liquidity Campaign on Uniswap!

The liquidity campaign on Uniswap will start immediately after the token swap is completed. To participate one should have from the WEB erc20 tokens(or buy them from Uniswap).

Campaign Duration: 1 year

Total WEB rewards: up to 120,000,000 WEB tokens in total or 10,000,000 WEB per month(depending on the number of the LP participants).

For the next 12 months we are going to distribute on the liquidity providers’ wallets 25,000 WEB for every ETH that are added as liquidity.



Open the Webcoin Token page in Uniswap:


Press ADD LIQUIDITY link: . Then connect your metamask with Uniswap and choose how much liquidity you want to add.

STEP 3: Confirm supply.

Have in mind that there will be a gas COST depending on the amount of tokens and ETH that you want to provide as liquidity.

STEP 4: Confirm the transaction and provide liquidity.

The rewards will be distributed to the liquidity provider wallets on 20th of each month starting of 20th January 2021 and the last reward will be distributed on 20th of January 2022.

Let’s look at the case where you are adding 10 ETH liquidity. Then you will receive on a monthly base 10 x 25,000 WEB = 250,000 WEB/Monthly award on your wallet. — The Future of Digital Marketing Solutions.

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